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Afrikaans Capital. African Consumption

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June 2013
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Posted June 9, 2013 by Andile Khumalo in Entrepreneurship.

Hemis Lacala‘s insight:

Unsecured lending in the country is about R110 billion and our book is just under R3 billion, so we can afford to be very selective about who we grant credit to and how we grant credit". LambertI 

 Black man, wake up! Your ‘real’ freedom is being outsourced to the minority, whilst you occupy yourself with meaningless politics and tenders. You are busy drinking skinny cappuccinos in Melrose Arch, whilst your markets are being penetrated by those who dare to dream, and do. Access to capital is a poor excuse. I keep saying, and will never stop saying “Great ideas, always secure funding In the meantime, please excuse me whilst I try and wake up my sleeping brothers and sisters who are more concerned about Mangaung than Stellenbosch and are too blind to see the relationship between the two. Words of AK from his blog link below.

See on www.mystartupsa.com


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