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August 2013
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TaskMate is an online and mobile oursource platform for small jobs and errands

Hemis Lacala‘s insight:

College. That amazing time in life when you’re finally set free and given the independence to live life your own way. A time when you can, as Asher Roth puts it, “pass out at three, wake up at 10, go out to eat, and then do it again.” Ahh, college.

There’s only one problem — being broke. That’s where TaskMate comes in. Here are three reasons you should join TaskMate

1. Get paid for stuff you already do.
Ever found yourself picking up something from the store for someone else? Or maybe you’re the go-to friend for helping people move out of their dorms into a new apartment. TaskMate get more than gratitude and good karma for doing these things — they get paid.

2. Choose your own schedule.
Unlike most jobs, TaskMate lets you be the master of your own schedule. Rather work weekends? Mornings? Evenings only? Prefer longer-term office tasks? It’s all up to you. You simply browse the tasks available in your area and choose only the ones you want. Build your task schedule around your class schedule — it couldn’t be easier.

3. Meet cool people in your community.
TaskMate is  a chance to expand your network, meet new people, and add to your connections. One day you might be assembling an IKEA desk for a new tech startup, the next you could be delivering groceries to an awesome neighbor you’ve never had the chance to meet.

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