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About StartUP Tukkie


StartUP Tukkie is an online blog and a society facilitating informative sessions in and around University of Pretoria Campuses on topics stretching from entrepreneurship to investments. Its main objective is to create a platform for young and budding entrepreneurs to learn and educate themselves about starting businesses and making a dent in their universe. We offer a wide range of unique features of information;  from inspiration and mentorship programmes, self-development, business planning and more. We are targeting a specific segment of students, those who are hungry enough for success and want to build and create wealth for themselves and for people around them.

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Targeted Segments

Segment Need                                    

Corresponding Benefit

Students Information, inspiration, motivation, mentoring, self development. Access to wealth of knowledge, expert opinions from leading industry thinkers.
Guest Speakers Sharing information, building young minds, mentoring, self actualisation and fulfillment. Access to a number of young people willing to learn.
Sponsors Recognition with the student community and building a solid market share foundaton. Brand Awareness amid the student community.


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